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The following letters were sent to us from trike owners and people who have hired the trikes:

If you have experienced the trikes and want to share your experiences with others, please contact us.

Trikes as a Xmas Gift Idea

"Geday Reiner

I wish to thank you for giving me the idea to hire one of your Bon-Trikes as a Christmas gift to my valued clients.

On the first day I rode to the Sunshine Coast and collected 2 of my clients from a major hotel. They had no idea what was going to happen except I was picking them up and taking them to Montville for lunch.

When I arrived their faces had the biggest smile I have ever seen. After putting on the leather jackets you supplied, we roared up the mountain and had a bite to eat. Over the years they have received bottles of wine and other stuff and it just becomes forgotten.

I don't think they will ever forget that day on the Bon-Trike.

The next 2 days I spent in Brisbane. I must of taken nearly 50 clients for a roar around Morningside. The excitement in the warehouse & office was amazing as I had all shapes, sizes, age, office girls & upper management climbing on the back for a ride.

It certainly raised my profile with my major client here in Brisbane.

Other colleagues were turning up with there mandatory bottles of wine and tins of biscuits & the staff hardly even noticed them.

I took heaps of photos with my digital camera and then gave them out at the end of the day on floppy disk.

I just can't wait to do it again. I will use the trike to do some sales calls with the sales reps that promote my products. I can just imagine the 5 star hotels when we pull up at the front door and walk in to the foyer dressed for business.

I have attached a couple of pics for you


David Ross
National Sales Manager"

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Convinced My Wife

"Hi Reiner,

Thank you for letting me take my wife on the trike when she was down in Brisbane from Cairns. I have been telling her about the trikes and kept getting, "I will not go near the bloody things there are just a motor bike." She is back in Cairns and telling every one, you got to go on a Bon-Trike they are the best things since slice bread, from some one who said they would not ever sit on one let alone ride on one it is unbelievable."...


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Seriously Trike Addicted

"Hi! I'm RAY"...

..."18 mths ago when I found out some bad news. I was feeling pretty damn sorry for myself & was spending a lot of time at my computer, looking for something to change my life, other than what doctors were saying"...

..."any way soon after I arranged for Reiner to come out to my home & he did"... "he took myself & my wife on the 3 seater up the road and around the bend. The thing that impressed me at the time was how easily it hugged the road - no effort at all .. it was a great feeling - wind in the hair stuff, as most trike owners know already but for us it was the first time and felt JUST GREAT"... "at no time did I feel insecure as Reiner is a very experienced rider of both trike & motor cycles... so there was no thought of danger in my head. I was having a ball sitting in the back seat... filling my eyes & mind with this great machine & the sound coming out the back of it was something else again."...

..."It's given me the chance to change my life & I'm not that young, but who the hell cares, now I've got this super beaut 3 SEATER BON TRIKE sitting in my back yard.  What a way to see this great country of ours."...

..."Now the really important part of this is - Service."... "I can't fault Reiner & Samantha's good will and helpfulness."... thanks Reiner for helping me to find this other side to my life... great fun and adventure"...

Ray Maricanos"

(This was a long letter... all heart felt.. and Ray isn't a relative or friend conned into this... just someone who was in need of something new and found it in trikes)

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"The question for me was not whether to ride or not, but when to ride.

Having three brothers all riding motorbikes, having knocked around on bikes during my teen years, and obviously getting several opportunities to go pillion on day trips, has long ago whetted my appetite for riding. However, at my age, relearning and gaining experience on a motorbike was a bit daunting when confronted by the statistics of casualties in the older generation of new riders. Then one day I fell instantly in love when I saw Billy Connelly touring the good old Oz on a Trike (not with Billy - the TRIKE !).

There, in all it’s glory, and to my mind, was the ultimate cruising machine yet to come out of the evolutionary processes of mechanised transport development ! What an incredibly beautiful machine ! I knew then that I would have one, one day.

When I first heard of the new Q-ride system, it was the quick answer to my licensing problems, as, never having gotten a motorbike license, I would require an open license to ride a Trike in Queensland. I contacted Paul, from Aegis Driving School in Beenleigh, and he immediately put me at ease with his easy and friendly manner. Paul was obviously very skilled at not just teaching, but also at the knack of calming a nervous pupil. I soon relearned what I had forgotten, and learned some valuable new pointers and skills on a 250cc bike. When Paul was confident in my abilities on the 250, he told me it was time to try out on the 650cc. I arrived at the training venue only to find, to my horror, that it wasn’t to be a training session, but a full-on test in company with another group all booked in together. These tests are not done by a Dept. of Transport Examiner, but in fact, by your own trainer. I tell you, I needed a good stiff scotch when I got home, as to my surprise and wonderment, I had passed, and I sat there with my Q-ride Certificate in one hand and the scotch in the other. I was awestruck. So bloody easy !! An open Motorbike license !! Mine !!

Now to the serious part. I cruised the ‘net for a long time 'sussing out the trike sites, talking to people, and generally getting an idea of the ‘hows and whys’ of trikes and nearly going into heart-seizure when finding out the cost of new trikes. After all it’s only a bloody VW engine/transaxle assembly bolted to a frame with wheels on it and a plastic body over it. How the hell can it cost so much ??? Equal to the price of a new Commodore, and look at the hardware and engineering that goes into one of them for comparison - no bloody comparison !!

But then that fatal day arrived when I couldn’t resist and I had to go to the Big Boys Toys Show in Brisbane.

There stood Reiner with a big hairy grin on his dial, and with those two big shiny Bon-Trikes on display at his stand. I just melted and my eyes started to go misty at the sight of those Trikes. So all reason went out the door and I was prepared to commit myself to poverty forever, and the wrath of the my wife, Lyn (and she’s a redhead to boot ), to get one of those incredibly beautiful machines.

Some reason prevailed, so I sold my boat (major sacrifice) to make up the shortfall, and to keep Lyn happy, and started looking around seriously. Considering the price of a new one I opted for a second hand machine if the right one came along. I’m fussy on choosing what I want, and months went by as I procrastinated over machines available in the Trade-a-Bike and on the Internet, till I spied a second hand machine in Newcastle that seemed to fill the bill. I found it on Bike-Point - good site that one. Phone calls and arrangements and a long drive south later, and lo and behold, in November 2001, I owned the machine of my dreams. It came complete with a towing frame, so I drove down and towed it home. It had only done 20,000 clicks. - 1600cc beefed up to 1916cc, black Firefox in color, highway seats, and a leather carry-case instead of a topbox. I felt like - No - I was like a big kid with a new toy.

My first few rides were very memorable. I could not believe the handling characteristics, the power, and the incredible exhilaration I got just riding around on it. Cornering like a low-slung sports car, and because there’s bugger all weight, there’s heaps of power. In fact, as the block on first gear had been removed, I found it frighteningly easy to pop up the front wheel. I find it easier to take off in second, as it’s a bit of a problem on corners using that first gear - halfway around the corner the front wheel pops up and you find yourself aiming at the footpath. Got it under control now though. All part of a huge learning curve that I’m finding more and more interesting every time I go for another ride. I find that the Trike is an awesome machine to cruise around on and I’m finding that it surpasses by far the expectations I had imagined for it.

Easter Sunday was my first time out with a group and, although I could easily ride all day on my own, riding in company with other trikers snaking up the curly mountain roads is definitely something special. I think it all comes down to sharing that exhilaration with others of the same interests. You’ve got to admit though, although riding them is fantastic, they’re bloody nice to look at. It was great meeting the people in the group on Sunday. We had several stops along the way and I had plenty of opportunities to get to know everyone. I felt I was immediately accepted by everyone which made it all the more special to me. It takes a special kind of person to appreciate Trikes - so it follows that all Trikers are special people. Triking is like having an addictive disease, only in this case you don't want to get rid of it.

Smile and let the light that glows within you shine bright - and whatever you ride - ride safe.


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How We First Got Into Trikes

For those who do not know us, we are Leon and Colleen from Leon's Motors. We have a Volkswagen repair workshop in Salisbury, which we started in 1983. Leon has been working on VW's since he left school.

We first met Reiner when he approached us to do warranty and gearbox repairs about 2½ half years ago. Reiner had his trike serviced through our workshop and would often ask us if we would like to come out with him and Sam and the other trikers when they went on their runs. I took one look at the trike and said "No thanks. Not interested. Not my cup of tea." but Leon was keen. Leon was already having thoughts of buying a new 2-wheeler anyway.

Reiner talked about a run on the weekend to Murwillimbah with the other trikers and said to come along. I have to admit I wasn't really that keen that Leon took Reiner's trike and we even had to borrow a helmet for me.

At the start I was unsure and held on for grim life, but I soon realised, "Hey, this is great!" and let go of the hand grips. At every stop I couldn't wait to get back on again. I was hooked. I felt safe. I was having fun and I loved it!

Leon and I didn't really have a common interest together. He had his boat, going diving and fishing and I would stay at home with the kids. We found ourselves drifting right apart and were actually on the verge of splitting up. This really was something new and exciting to do together.

For my birthday Leon bought me my own helmet and I was absolutely rapt. I had a helmet now and couldn't wait to get a trike to go with it.

There were no second hand trikes selling Queensland, and we couldn't really afford a new one. In May, we found 3 trikes for sale in Sydney. We made the necessary flight arrangements and headed to Sydney. Packing lightly for an over night stay we went down one Friday morning early, telling our kids we would be back on Saturday afternoon with a trike (surely out of the three we would be able to pick one!)

The trikes in Sydney didn't turn out to be what we wanted and so we decided to call it quits and go home empty handed.

At lunch in Liverpool while looking in a bike magazine we found a trike and camper trailer for sale in Melbourne. We rang and found the trike still available and decided to fly to Melbourne to have a look. (See what these trikes do to you! how impulsive is that!!)

We arrived back at Sydney airport to find it packed to the rafters with people all wanting to go home for the weekend, so flights were very scarce. We managed to get a 5pm flight out and arrived in Melbourne at about 6.45 pm.

We then had to catch a taxi to Brentleigh, which is ¾ hour drive out of Melbourne and arrived at Vic's place and saw our trike just sitting there in the garage waiting for us. It was all clean and polished and it looked great. I fell in love with it straight away.

After negotiating a price we paid our deposit and found a motel and just crashed for the night. Next morning Vic's wife picked us up from the motel and took us back to pick up our baby and head back home. Curiosity got the better of us and we asked to see the camper trailer as well. When it took less than a minute to erect we were sold, so we took that as well.

So we were all set - our shiny new red trike and a camper trailer to go with it. We were guided back into town and started on our homeward journey. The journey home was an experience! We encountered rain, snow, wind that cut right through you and then to top it all off kangaroos at dusk!

I have learned something very important from this - glad garbage bags come in very handy when you haven't got wet weather gear and it is snowing, its minus 3 degrees and every thing is closed till Monday. I must have looked a sight - sitting on the back of the trike with the garbage bags wrapped around my legs and the yellow draw strings wrapped around my wrist to keep them from flapping about and to stop the rain from coming in. We didn't make it home until Monday because we just couldn't keep going late into the night because it was just so cold.

I would do this all over again in a flash, I actually had a ball, but this time I would have all the right gear.

This was the start of a lot of fun that Leon and I have had with the trike and all the other riders. I can thoroughly recommend this triking thing to anybody and everybody.

Try it you will love it! I do!


Leon & Colleen not only do a great job looking after VW's and Trikes, they ride with us and can be found at most rallies in the Brisbane area.  They are always up for a laugh, and both can definitely hold their own in a conversation! So if you see the "red devil" around the traps, introduce yourself and say Hi.  They are good value.

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