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We have included some great links on trikes, motorbikes and on Australia.

If you know of a site which you reckon should be here, email us with the link. If you find a link that is broken, let us know so we can keep the site up to date.

Trike & Motorbike Links

Yahoo! Trikes Australia

This is a Club site where a group of trikers chat, organise ride days, collect photos, have a calendar of events, etc.

Oz Trike Oz Trikes have been built in Gosford NSW for almost as long as Bontrikes. Custom built VW trikes for sale and hire.  They also stock parts for Bontrike owners.
Panther Trikes Joseph used to work with Johann building the Oz Trikes.  When the two went their separate ways, he kicked off Panther Trikes and has built a solid following in the market.  Gosford is spoilt for choice with both manufacturers on their doorstep.
Scorpion Trikes How about a Suzuki engine?  Scorpion is relatively new to the market, and building on a smaller scale than Panther and Oz Trikes, but is pretty well recognised in the market.

Rewaco Germany

Rewaco in Germany is the original manufacturer of the HS3 trike, known and sold in Australia as the Bontrike between 1995-2002. the HS3 Bontrikes are now only available second hand. Two HS6 trikes were also imported during this period.  Important Information regarding these trikes.
Eagle Trikes Been around for as long as all of the rear ended motorcycles.  Good bloke, makes a great converted motorcycle.
National 3 Wheelers Association The "National 3 Wheelers Association" is an Incorporated Association dedicated to riders of three wheeled vehicles (trikes & motorcycle outfits) and their families, for the purpose of socializing and riding together.
United Trikers Association United Trikers Australia Inc. (UTA) is an Australian wide club open to anyone with an interest in Triking.
Drop Bears A great site to find further links on everything to do with bikes and trikes
Bike Links 4 You Another great site for finding other links on bikes, trikes, etc.

Accessories & Service Links

On-The-Spot Signs 'n Stitches Great for getting trike embroidered hats and shirts, stickers and vinyl signs to show your nickname or favourite saying on your topbox.
Mick Motors Service, engines, parts, etc.
Dragway Wheels These guys make fantastic wheels for trikes, Harleys, race cars and normal cars.  More details on our accessories page.
Buy Camping Equipment Twilight Camp Supply has a complete selection of camping equipment  for all of your outdoor adventures!

Australia, Queensland & Brisbane Links

WhereIS This great site shows road maps of anywhere in Australia.  The best part is, you can find out exact directions from one address or location to another.  Fantastic Site!

Australian Explorer

Great travel guide to Australia. Locations, accommodation, photos, you name it.

Brisbane City Life (BCL)

This is a great city, and a great guide.

Destination Queensland

Excellent guide to the whole of Queensland

Queensland Caravan Parks

A listing of all caravan parks in Queensland
Caravan & Tourist Parks of Australia A listing of parks around Australia
Australian National Parks A guide to some of the major parks around Australia
GORP This is a US guide to adventure holidays, but contains some good stuff about Australia

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