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There are several ways to check out what people think about trikes.  

In this site:

  • You can check out some of the letters we have received from various trike owners.  
  • You can check out articles and snippets from some of the leading bike magazines.

You can also visit the Trikes Australia Yahoo! Group.  This is a regular chat group for trike owners and those interested in three wheels.  The whole group organises ride days and get together's (not only for three wheelers), keep a track of bike rallies and bike events, source spare parts and, of course, talk trikes.

Please note, important information for anyone in Australia who is looking at Rewaco trikes and believes they are associated with the original rewaco in Germany (rewaco Spezialfahrzeuge GmbH), the company that supplied the HS3 Bontrikes to Australia and continues to be a leader in the international trike market.

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