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Here is one great way to customise your trike. Wheels.

Dragway is a wholly Australian owned company that has been the market leader in building and selling accessories for street, race car, Harley and custom wheels for over 30 years.  

wheel1.jpg (48588 bytes)This wheel is just one example of many patterns that replaces the Bon Trike front wheel (150/60-17) without the need to replace the standard brake disk. It costs $1386 and is made from Spun Alloy in 3 pieces (2 rim halves and 1 centre) bolted together.  Dragway can also make a wheel to carry a flat brake disk made in a matching style for about another $300

rearwheel.jpg (161826 bytes)This is the matching 10" rolled alloy, billet centre rear wheel that carries your 295/50 R15 tyre. It has been made in two pieces welded together and comes complete with wheel nuts at a cost of $748 per wheel.

Dragway wheels are amazingly well crafted and finished and there is a large range of styles to choose from that will fit the 4 stud VW pattern.  They can be made to fit any make and model trike, bike or car. You can even have your name or logo worked into your own custom style. 

They also make billet hand-grips, billet foot-pegs, billet numberplate frames, all sorts of mirrors complete with arms.  They make billet clamps for cables, brake-lines and oil-lines and are the people to see about braided lines.

For more information or to place an order contact us or speak to Ian and Sabrina at Dragway in Brisbane (07) 3808 3805.  Ian and Reiner have spent a lot of time working out the best designs and fittings to make sure the wheels will work with your trike.  

Prices quoted here in $AUD, include GST and correct as at Jan 2002



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