Hazard Switch

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Hazard Light Switch

If you lift the body off your trike there is no need to unplug the hazard light if you unplug all the plugs from underneath the Trike (you will find 4 plugs.) 

But if you remove or replace the hazard switch than it has to be unplugged wire by wire. There are 9 connections on the switch and it can be painful to figure out which one goes where. 

Take your time with this job and make a tag from masking tape and put one on each wire with the number shown on the switch. I use a letter for the Instrument and a number on the tag e.g. I/50 is number 50 Ignition-switch or F/15 the number 15 on fuel-gauge.

In the same harness you find the wires for the voltmeter, fuel-gauge, ignition-lock and the brake-warning light. All of these connections, colours and numbers are the same on all HS3 model Trikes.

If you wire something else in I would strongly recommend to use the same colours as you find on the rest of the trike, if you ever need to see a car-electrician down the track this can save you a lot of time and money and the electrician doesn't go into hiding the next time you turn up.

The purple wire connected to No 30 could, on some Trikes, be a red one and not purple. You will have both colour wires in the harness and if you have connected all the other wires right and still have a problem swap the purple for the red one or visa versa.




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