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What's New


Chris Purvey's trike has one of the best looking Subaru conversions I have seen on a trike.  Very neat, runs like a dream and doesn't look like a bolt-on to the back of the trike.

If you are thinking of converting your trike from a VW to a Subaru, or in fact, if you are looking for any mechanical work, give this young man a call.  You will be thanking us...  phone 0401 669 807

Check these photos out:

...donor material...
...into a stunning finished product

DTP Motorsports - Daniel Taylor-Pusey

Engine Conversions

Street & Race Components

  • Performance Components
  • Custom fuel rails
  • Billet injector holders
  • Custom surge tanks
  • Custom quick shifters
  • Brake upgrades
  • Disks drilled & slotted
  • Billet calliper mounts
  • Custom made front hubs (suit different makes of disks)
  • Stud pattern conversions (Holden-Ford, 5-4, 4-5 Stud, etc)
  • Custom billet wheel spacers
  • Rear disk conversions
  • External wastages (under development)
  • Replacement turbo manifolds
  • Custom intercoolers


  • Blow off valves
  • Billet gear knobs
  • Billet oil caps
  • Billet oil drain plugs
  • Billet alternator brackets
  • Custom billet pulleys (suit water pump, alternator, etc)

phone Daniel:  0401 669 807

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