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How to remove the body shell on the Bon Trike HS3
(3 seater)

The 3 seater Bon Trike has a few differences to the 2 seater model, the mudguards are part of the main-body and the rear mounting points are in different spots. Otherwise the procedure would be pretty much the same on the 2 seater.

In the following case I removed the body to replace the fuel-tank and the fuel-sender unit. There is not many situations where the body needs to come off. For normal maintenance and services the body stays on the Trike. But if you do like to see what's underneath, it's not a very big job to remove the body. If you take your time and have a beer with your mates, it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes and your Trike is naked.

Here I show you step by step what to do.

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Step 1

Make sure the Trike is parked on a level surface and you have room to walk around it, good lights and a cold six-pack make it easier again. I did this Job at Leon's work-shop where I could have a rope slide over a beam over head to lift the body up, but if you have a helper to lift the body and carry it away... same deal. 

If you have a top-box fitted remove it first and store it well away from the job. The box should be fixed with 4x 6mm bolts and you need two 10mm spanners. You might need a hand to hold the nuts underneath the body in place, or do what I do and stop them from turning with a pair of Vice-grips.

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Step 2

Remove the two 6 mm bolts right and left of the number-plate which are holding the black brackets in place. The wire to the reversing light needs to be disconnected too, or you can take the whole light off with the bracket and leave the wires connected. I put all screws and bits and peaces in a ice-cream container so when I finished I should have nothing left in there. no topbox(a).jpg (46413 bytes)

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Step 3

There are two brackets holding the body next to the tail-lights. The best bet is to remove the brackets all together which makes it easier when you put the body back in its place. You will find a clamp which is sitting on the rear-bumper and a flat bracket holding the body in place. brackets.jpg (50869 bytes)

At this point make sure the fridge door is closed so the beer doesn't get warm, no need to make the job harder than it is.

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Step 4

Now its time to get dirty and get underneath the Trike. A floor-jack on wheels comes in handy but a normal bottle jack would do the trick as well. If you have running-boards there is no need to remove them but make sure you lift the Trike high enough to have plenty or room to work.

You need a 10mm and a 13mm socket or spanner to unbolt the drivers-seat. You could just take the 8mm nuts off (13mm spanner) and leave the seat on the body, but I find this a good time to clean the dust and dirt between the seat and the body. So I always remove the drivers-seat completely. driver seat.jpg (45539 bytes)

If you have a big tank you will find the battery opening behind the drivers seat. Now you know why the lights still work even without the motor running... there is the secret. To check the water level and see if the contacts are still tight, just remove the bracket at the bottom of the battery to slide it forward... but if you are removing the body anyway, might as well leave that job for later.

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Step 5

While you are underneath cut all the zip-ties and unplug all the plugs you can find. Don't worry about marking the plugs because they only fit back where they came from. wires.jpg (49174 bytes)

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Step 6

There are two 8mm bolts right under the passenger-seats which hold the body to the bracket going across the tank from one shock absorber to the other one. You need a 13mm spanner to undo them. These bolts are fixed to the body underneath the rear-seat so they won't turn while unscrewing.

After you have removed the 2 nuts the body is now loose and could be lifted. All you have to do next is disconnect the plug which is lying on top of the gearbox. There are actually 4 plugs, the big one comes from the front of the trike, then you find one going to each of the tail lights and one more delivering power to the number plate and reversing light at the rear of the trike. Don't forget to push the seat belts underneath the body through the openings in the seat back, or disconnect the seat belts underneath and leave them on top. I find it easier to push them down.

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Step 7

Now its time to lift the body. First, lift it only about 6 inches and have a good look under the body to make sure all the wires are disconnected. If they are, take the body off completely and store it well away from the trike or hang it up on the ceiling if you can. Time for a beer and check out the naked Trike. lift body.jpg (42018 bytes)

If you're gamer than me you can call the mother in law now to get on her knees to do some serious cleaning with a bucket of warm soapy water and a paint brush... or do what I do and do it yourself.

What ever the reason you removed the body, this is a good time to do some preventative maintenance.  Wd40 all bare metal and check the water-level in the battery. Have a look at the oil-lines going to the cooler and make sure no wires rub on anything. done.jpg (48019 bytes)

If you don't have a tow-bar but are thinking of fitting one, this is the perfect time to run the wires from the rear-plug to the position where the plug will go later for the tow-bar.

See the electrics section for information on the colour coding of the trailer plugs.

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